Empowering others with style.

About Care Cutz

Co-founded by Marvin Green and Sean Black, Care Cutz is a social enterprise connecting those in the special needs community with qualified salon professionals.

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Our Mission

1. Put top-notch salon services within reach for those with special needs. 

2. Empower the differently-abled through greater self-esteem and inclusion.

3. Provide specialized training to salon professionals.

4. Raise awareness for the unique needs and abilities of the disabled.

5. Create positive community and economic impact.


The Care Cutz Story

After seeing the stunning emotional and behavioral transformation of one of his special needs clients following a hair cut, Marvin Green was inspired. At the time, he was working for a Home Healthcare Business.

Marvin’s client was so much happier, relaxed and self-confident following his haircut that some of the medication used for behavior modification was reduced, and the young man was much more socially engaged.

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The Concept

This gave Marvin an idea that he developed with his friend and colleague, Sean Black. The concept was simple. Connect area barbers and stylists with the disabled, and positively impact the community as a result.

Founded in 2009, Care Cutz started by making these personal connections at the ground level. Over time, the team realized they could accomplish their mission and help more people faster by developing responsive app technology.

We began thinking about how we could more rapidly expand and scale our operation, and technology held the key to addressing many of our challenges,” Green was quoted as saying.

Care Cutz eventually hopes to expand to 40 major markets in the United States.

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Development - Then & Now

Before 2018, Care Cutz had helped provide more than 16,000 salon services to more than 3,000 individuals.

To position the organization for growth, the team partnered with Goodwill Columbus to create and pilot a training program in 2017. Also supported by SocialVentures Columbus and OCALI, Care Cutz was selected among 13 companies for the new Social Impact Validation Pilot Program in 2018.   

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Training & Certification

The Care Cutz business model includes providing stylists and barbers with unique training modules to help them better meet the unique needs of various people groups including those on the Autism spectrum.

Soon, many training courses and related certifications will be introduced.