Empowering others with style.

Empowering Others With Style™

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Why Care Cutz?

Care Cutz is a social enterprise connecting those in the special needs community with barbers and stylists to provide salon services through responsive app technology.

Our mission is put top-notch salon services within reach for those with unique needs and abilities, empower the differently-abled through greater self-confidence, and provide specialized training to salon professionals to better serve the community. 

Care Cutz - Empowering Others With Style™

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App Coming Soon for iPhone & Android

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1. Review Trained Service Providers and Pricing

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2. Select a Pro and Schedule an Appointment

3. Confirm Appointment and Provide Notes


Social Impact Validated

Care Cutz is proud to be among 13 social enterprises selected for a pilot program developed to validate, and communicate the social impact created by social enterprises in Central Ohio.*

Developed by SocialVentures Columbus and the Better Business Bureau of Central Ohio (BBB) in collaboration with Measurement Resources Company (MRC).

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Connecting & Empowering

Care Cutz measures social impact by evaluating the number of those with disabilities served, the number of Care Cutz salon pros, the number of salon pros completing specialized training and/or modifying services or environment to better meet the needs of the differently-abled, and via feedback from both customers and salon pros.